Terms & Conditions

The Beckett Careers Team aims to process vacancy advertisements within 2 working days. We reserve the right not to advertise opportunities which we believe are not in the best interest of our students and graduates. Not all eventualities can be covered within the Terms and Conditions and each vacancy received will be assessed on an individual basis and it may be necessary to forward your opportunity to another service if we feel it meets your advertising needs better. We reserve the right to edit a vacancy description to ensure that it is clear and concise. When adding a vacancy to MyHub, it will be visible to all Leeds Beckett University students and recent graduates.

We ask that you meet the following requirements for advertising vacancies:

Ensure your vacancy meets the following Employment and Equality legislation, including compliance with National Minimum Wage (NMW) and Health and Safety at Work Act (1974):

The Beckett Careers Team reserve the right to not to advertise, or to withdraw vacancies which we deem to be unsuitable for our students and graduates, in particular vacancies which:

  • Do not meet NMW requirements
  • Promote or endorse illegal activity
  • May compromise the health, safety and wellbeing of the student or graduate
  • Require the student or graduate to be self-employed without the guarantee of NMW
  • Require an up-front financial investment or fee by the student or graduate
  • Vacancies in private households, unless placed by a registered agency
  • Are placed by private individuals
  • Have incomplete or misleading company or vacancy information
  • Risk damaging the reputation of Leeds Beckett University

Working from home

Where there is a requirement for students/graduates to work some or all of their term of employment from their own home, it is responsibility of the employer to ensure they have a working from home policy in place. Further information and guidance on this matter can be found under ‘Home Working’ on the Health & Safety Executive website.

Compliance with National Minimum Wage

In accordance with UK Legislation and, unless specifically exempted by law, all workers must be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and organisations offering work experience, including placements and internships, must determine whether the student or graduate constitutes a ‘worker’, and is therefore entitled to the NMW, or if a legal exemption applies to them.

In October 2022 the Low Pay Commission made a recommendation to see an increase in National Minimum Wage which will be effective from 1st April 2023. Information taken from: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/minimum-wage-rates-for-2023 (Date accessed 31 January 2023)

Rights to the National Minimum Wage

An intern is entitled to the National Minimum Wage if they count as a worker.

Employers cannot avoid paying the National Minimum Wage if it’s due by:

  • saying or stating that it does not apply
  • making a written agreement saying someone is not a worker or that they’re a volunteer

Promise of future work

An intern is classed as a worker and is due the National Minimum Wage if they’re promised a contract of future work. Information taken from: https://www.gov.uk/employment-rights-for-interns (Date accessed 31st January 2023)

Beckett Careers acknowledges that this area is ever-changing, and many employers create opportunities in good faith. We are happy to advise you on ensuring you comply with National Minimum Wage where it is applicable and are committed to supporting our students into paid employment.

Exemptions from NMW Requirements

The Beckett Careers Team may be able to facilitate the promotion of some opportunities that are unpaid, providing it aligns with the Government’s list of scenarios where individuals are not entitled to National Minimum Wage.

Volunteering: If your organisation is a registered charity and the role is a volunteering opportunity. Leeds Beckett Student Union offer a volunteering brokerage service and would be happy to advertise opportunities once they have been quality assured.

Credit Bearing Modules: Some modules at Leeds Beckett involve students undertaking a short term work placement between 70 – 120 hours depending upon the course. These opportunities, often known as placements or work-based learning, are exempt from National Minimum Wage. Not all courses offer this opportunity and we would strongly encourage you to discuss your needs with our Experiential Learning team via placements@leedsbeckett.ac.uk. In offering a placement, as well as the student fulfilling your organisation’s needs, we may need to quality assure the opportunity to ensure it fulfils the academic requirements and students may need to complete assessments during their time with you.

In general, we would strongly encourage payment at National Minimum Wage or above for all opportunities that are advertised with us. We will only facilitate unpaid opportunities if they comply with Government guidance.

Information for Recruitment Agencies

If you are advertising a vacancy on behalf of a client, we ask you to provide the details of the client on whose behalf you are recruiting. This information can be kept confidential and not revealed to the student or graduate should you wish.

Duty of Care

We take the health, safety and wellbeing of Leeds Beckett Students and Graduates very seriously therefore if a student or member of staff makes a complaint about an organisation we reserve the right to stop advertising opportunities with that organisation, pending an investigation by a member of the Beckett Careers team.