Raising your Company Profile

As well as advertising vacancies and attending careers fairs and events there are lots of other ways you can engage with our students and build your brand on campus.

Company presentation or skills session

Come and talk to students about your organisation and the opportunities you offer and/or share your experience and expertise on a topic that would be useful to students in their applications such as interview techniques, commercial awareness or how to be successful an assessment centre.

Work directly in the curriculum

We can help facilitate relationship building with academic staff who will be able to talk to you about ways to get involved in course delivery and raising your profile in a particular course or School. This could be a guest lecture on a specific topic, student sponsorship and prizes, mentoring, and offering a live project for students to work on as part of their programme.

Interview and Assessment Centre Facilities

We can arrange for you to conduct interviews or hold your assessment centre with our students here on campus at our city centre location.

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